Slippery as an Eel

So far all my makes have been in fairly stable woven or knit fabrics.  I fancied something a bit floatier so thought I would have a go at a new pattern from Sew Over It – the Kimono Jacket.


I used a lovely fabric which is Japanese (according to the gold lettering at the selvage edge) and was a lucky bargain buy from our local charity shop.

I’m not exactly sure of the fabric composition.  It is wonderfully soft and drapey but is oh so slippery!


I chose to make the longer length version of the kimono.  The steep learning curve of working with this fabric started at the cutting out stage!  I used a rotary cutter and pattern weights (rather than shears and pins) and while the pattern pieces came out more or less the right shape, my first attempt at the neckband was disastrous.  To add interest, I thought I would cut the neckband across the grainline.  However,  I ended up with two extremely wavy strips of fabric so I quickly reverted to ‘going with the grain’!

With only four pattern pieces the kimono is a straightforward, easy make which meant I could concentrate on controlling the fabric which seemed to have a life of its own.  I did opt to stitch the hem and slipstitch the neckband in place by hand.  A few of the seams are maybe a bit wiggly but all in all I think the end result is quite pleasing.  In fact I love it!


I still need a lot more practice with slippery, floaty fabrics but I’ll work at it.  Meanwhile I’m happy floating about in my new kimono.




Author: sewdalriada

Hello I'm Janet and have recently rediscovered my passion for sewing. I live in the Cairngorms National Park in the small village of Carrbridge. I learned to sew when I was very young, simply by watching my mum and other family members as they went about creating beautiful garments.

10 thoughts on “Slippery as an Eel”

  1. just about to tackle a Kimono type jacket (simplicity 8172) and using a drapey, slippery fabric. It won’t turn out like yours but I shall have fun trying! Love the fabric, seems like you have a lot of skill. I couldn’t see any wiggly seams but I know I can always see my own sewing imperfections.

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    1. Look forward to seeing your kimono. I was surprised at how well mine turned out as not sewn with this type of fabric before. I have a tendency to rush at things so I tried to take my time on this one. I invested in a walking foot for my machine, initially to use when sewing with knits but it seemed to help on this slippery fabric.


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